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Linda Book and her band, the Dog-Eared Pages, play terrific children's music and folk music. Their music is great poetry and wonderful instrumentation wrapped up in a playful and thoughtful package.

Linda Book writes the music the group performs. She is the lead vocalist and plays guitar. Current and past players in her marvelous eclectic backup band include: 

Robert Armstrong plays guitar, banjo, ukulele, steel guitar, accordion, marimba, and musical saw. Robert's been playing in Linda's band since 1986. 

Steve Book plays drums and percussion, and sometimes electric bass. Steve's been playing in the band since 1986.

Jeff Simons plays electric bass, fretless electric bass, and guitar. Jeff's been playing in the band since 1992.

Keith Cary plays mandolin. He's played in the band since 1999, and from 1986-1991, when he played acoustic bass, too.

Jan Peters played mandolin, harmonica, violin, keyboards, and sang background vocals. He was with the band from 1992-1998. 

Allen Barnes played guitar, mandolin, violin, and sang background vocals. He was with the band from 1986-1991. 

Other musicians played on some of Linda's recordings, too. Find out more on Linda's discography.

You can buy Linda's individual songs and albums at our Store and CDBaby and iTunes!