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Welcome to Linda Book's World of Music for Kids!

Linda Book writes music that is rich in language and wordplay. It's humorous, tender and thoughtful, and it's not just for kids. Grownups love her songs, too. She's written lots of music for animal lovers; check out her songs about birds and her songs about dogs.

Linda's concerts are full of stories and humor, with lots of audience participation.  Her school concerts can contribute to reading, and language arts, and environmental programs.

Linda's songs are on her six albums, which include her wonderful backup band, The Dog-Eared Pages. To find out more about Linda's music, go to her discography.

You can buy Linda's music at our Store and CDBaby and iTunes, as well as other online stores.


Linda's little environmental book, A Frog's Tale, is about a conversation she had with a thoughtful frog. It has illustrations by cartoonist Robert Armstrong, a member of Linda's terrific backup band. It also includes a list of things kids can do to help the environment. There's even a video! She's written many environmental songs that you should check out, too.

Linda's songbook contains lyrics and chords for 52 of her songs. Its drawings are by Steve Book, who's also a member of Linda's band.

You can buy Linda's books here.

More Fun, Too

While you're here, enjoy the fun music and other activities, and don't forget to play the piano keys on the top of the page.

Check out Linda's coloring pages, her animated music videos, and a couple of her favorite recipes! See what some fans say, and learn about Linda's philosophy about kids' music.

To find out more about Linda's music, contact us.