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Linda Book writes and performs children's music that is loved by thousands of kids and adults. Linda's recordings are perfect for kids and their families, and they feature her terrific, mostly acoustic band, The Dog-Eared Pages.

Here are some comments from just a few of Linda's fans:

  • From Julia, a teacher: "I'm a first grade teacher now and I still find myself humming the tunes to songs you taught me all those years ago.... I just wanted you to know what an impact you had on my childhood and my childhood memories. Thank you!!"
  • From Katherine, a grown-up: "I just wanted to send my thanks for your great music. I heard you perform for my class ... who knows how long ago. I have your "In Your Overalls" cassette, which is getting worn in spots. Now I'm a "grown-up" and lately I've been feeling a bit depressed. I came across your tape last night and realized that I could still remember most of the words, even without listening to songs. I did listen to the tape in my car on my commute to work this morning and singing along really lifted my spirits. Your songs take me right back to childhood and a simpler time."
  • From Ryan, a student: "Thank you for teaching me how to sing all the songs I now know. I sing them at home and in the shower. I sing them most of the time but my mom gets kind of tired of me singing them over and over. Thank you for making me a better singer. You're the best."
  • From Anita, a student: "Thank you for singing to us. The song I liked best was No More Animals, and I even like how you play the guitar. I even enjoy your singing. "
  • From an anonymous student: "It was nice of you to sing to us. You are a special lady. You are funny to us. You play the guitar loud and nice. You teach us so many songs we can't even sing them so fast."
  • From Mary Jane, a teacher: "Terrific! I haven't had this much fun since a '60s Pete Seeger concert."
  • From Susan, the Child Life Supervisor at UC Davis Medical Center: "Your songs reach every member of the audience in a different way, whether it's the challenge of the hand motions or the memories your lyrics evoke for those of us who fondly remember our childhoods."
  • From Miss Monroe, a teacher: "Thank you so much for sharing your songs, your enthusiasm, and your sense of wonderment with us. The world you showed us through your songs is one we often lose sight of. Thank you for reminding me of the magic of life."

Enjoy the fun of Linda Book's music for children and their families. Buy her music, too.