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Linda Book's Environmental Songs for Earth Day, Every Day

Linda Book has written lots of environmental songs for kids. Her music for children includes many songs about animals and nature, perfect for Earth Day celebrations. Just her songs about birds make an entire concert!

Besides her bird songs, here's a sampling of Linda's environmental songs. You can purchase individual songs at lots of places (CDs, too), including CDBaby and iTunes. You can also buy CDs and books here.

Town Songs:

  • Another Generic Town
  • It's Not a Small Town Anymore

Water Songs:

  • All the Lovely Things About Rain
  • The Waterfall
  • Where Does the Water Go?

Nature and Earth Day Songs:

  • Everybody Ought to Have a Home
  • The Garbage Tree
  • I Can't Get Wyoming Out of My Mind
  • I've Climbed the Tree Again
  • Live and Let Live
  • Mother Nature Delivers

Ocean Songs:

  • Big Tall Lady
  • Gualala Waltz
  • Sun Goin' Down on the Ocean
  • Two Dogs Looking at Two Seals Looking at Two Dogs Looking at Two Seals

Be sure to see Linda's video and hear "A Frog's Tale." It's an Earth Day favorite (and it's on DVD, too).

* * * * *

Linda was selected to be a Writer in Bioregional Residence for the Putah Cache Bioregion Project at the University of California at Davis in 1998-1999. She wrote environmental songs in response to the nature and culture of the Putah Creek and Cache Creek watersheds in northern California, west of the Sacramento Valley.

After spending a year as a writer in bioregional residence, Linda packaged her environmental songs about people, nature, and animals, and took them with her on the "The Neighbors Nurture Nature Concert Tour." In these concerts, Linda and her band, The Dog-Eared Pages, presented new songs and old favorites from all her albums in family concerts in the bioregion and elsewhere.

These bioregional songs joined other tunes on Linda's album, Wrong Side Dog. It's at CDBaby and iTunes!

Before you leave, please check out suggestions on how you can help the environment (from Linda's book, A Frog's Tale).